Why only one C02 injector in a BeerBox® Kit?

June 15th, 2019

The answer to this question a potential customer recently asked is not short.  The concept is two 2.5 gallon BeerBoxes® to handle a full five gallon batch of  homebrew.  The C02 is to maintain head pressure between sessions and to add pressure as during sessions to allow the beer to keep flowing.  With a single batch of the same style you would most likely be serving off just the one BeerBox so one C02 injector is sufficient.  It is also quite easy to remove the injector and move it to another BeerBox® if you choose.  They simply thread onto the Schrader valve.

We recommend maintaining 10 – 12 psi between sessions to keep the head pressure and maintain carbonation in your beer.  Much less may allow the beer to off gas into the head space and diminish the carbonation.  However, when serving it is best to bleed off the pressure down to 3-4 psi so the beer does not pour with too much force and create too much of a head or splash in the glass.

To check pressure simply pick up a low pressure gauge (they sell a nice digital one in the bike section at Wal-Mart).  Check the C02 Volume chart on our www.brewingtools.com/faq page to see proper pressure at various temperatures.  The Schrader valve is like the one on your car or bike tire.  Pressure can be bled off simply by depressing the valve stem.  The injector also has a trigger lock to reduce the opportunity for your friends to add too much pressure without some guidance first.  It doesn’t take much of a trigger pull to add plenty of CO2 to continue pouring when you begin to get that vapor lock.

However, if you do find it more convenient to have a second injector, we do offer them for sale on our website if you choose to have the extra one now or later.

I hope this helps in your decision to purchase a BeerBox® kit.