What our customers are saying!

March 29th, 2014

“I’ve been brewing beer for ten years, and despite my fellow beer geeks imploring me to keg, I like “transportable beer,” but bottling takes over an hour even when I am hitting it hard.  This took half the time.”  — Matt Y.

“My BeerBox™ arrived this week.  Everything looks great.  I’m amazed how compact they are.  Test #1 was passed with flying colors – they’ll fit in my small beer fridge.  I now have a portable kegerator that can fit in my cooler or beer fridge thank to the BeerBox™.” — Austin H.

“I look forward to using the BeerBox™, I think it will fill a niche where bottles aren’t allowed and keg/kegerators are too large and inconvenient.  If it works as good as it looks, I can see myself purchasing more.” — Cary S.

“I love the BeerBox™ -so easy to take my beer out to friends, picnics, homebrew meetings and festivities.” — Ron P. (founder of Treasure Coast Brewmasters)