VT Craft Beer Challenge & BYO

August 22nd, 2015

Kiev Rattee at the CoB Challenge 2015, Bennington VTHomebrewing News from Vermont and BYO:

Used your BeerBoxes to dispense my jalapeno saison at a homebrew fest in Bennington, Vermont on August 1st. Worked great!

In this  picture  attached was taken at the conclusion of the event, but I used the cobra tap extension and submerged the BeerBox in ice in my cooler for dispense. This was the first year of the Craft of Beer Challenge and they attracted nearly 1,000 people to try 43 homebrewers’ beers in a street fair type atmosphere! It was a blast. Cheers!

Kiev Rattee, Associate Publisher / Director of Advertising


Glad to see the folks at BYO enjoying their own homebrews and best yet, using and liking the BeerBox®. We love to see where you are taking your homebrew. Send us your photos and look for a post here and in our social media.  And if you don’t already subscribe to BYO, it is a great and highly recommended resources for homebrewers of all levels. Check them out with this link: BYO on line