Under Pressure, but How Much?

September 29th, 2014


Several full and pressurized BeerBox™ – see how they round out.

tire guage

An example, a basic tire gauge or upgrade to a digital read gauge.

So you’ve got your BeerBox™ under pressure.  It’s rounding out on the sides a bit, by design.  It may look like it will roll over but the feet on the bottom keep them upright.

So you naturally, want to know how much pressure is building? Since our valve is a basic Schrader valve, a regular tire gauge will test the pressure. The BeerBox™ will hold up to 40 psi, although 15 psi is generally sufficient to keep your beer carbonated and fresh. An easy way to seek how much pressure is right to yield the right amount of carbonation for the style you’ve brewed  is to use one of the many on line calculators, we like the one on Northern Brewer, but have a few with links on the More About Filling Your BeerBox™ page.

You can always email us with questions… Cheers! And happy brewing!