The Fall Brew Schedule

August 18th, 2014

Saturday marked the first in a series of brew days at Brewing Tools!  Took a few months off this summer due to our trip to NHC and then having a lot of homebrew stored up for the summer.  Not a bad plan for summer in Florida, it can get too hot to brew!

So our first brew for Fall is a American Brown Ale, just plain and simple.  Looks like we had a good blow off… so here’s hoping we haven’t forgotten how to brew with a few months off.  Next in line… a 10 gallon batch of an American Lager, a good staple for our new to homebrew friends!  But then we’ll be working on a Wit for an internal club competition later this Fall and for our Treasure Coast Brewmasters Christmas Party, we challenged everyone to make clone of New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk – a bourbon barrel aged stout!  We tasted a bottle the other night for inspiration…

Watch for photos when we “box” our Brown Ale in to our BeerBox™ for sharing and storing!

An American Brown Ale in the kettle.

An American Brown Ale in the kettle.