Sponsoring the National Homebrewers Conference

March 12th, 2015

We can’t wait to get to San Diego! Brew’s Up at the 2015 American Homebrewer’s NHC in just 95 days! We’ll be back with the BeerBox® and of course, we will be offering samples from our booth of both our own homebrew and homebrew from our friends, some of whom are award winning homebrewers!

Want to know more about the conference and how to be a part of it… go to the Conference website!  The good news is everyone who registered has a spot if they pay by March 11th and there is still room for more participants, so if you missed the early deadline, sign up after March 12th.

Our first NHC was in San Diego 4 years ago (2011).  But we didn’t have our product in production at that point, last year in Grand Rapids was our launch of the BeerBox®, so we are very excited for the beginning of our 2nd year! NHC is a great community of home brewers coming together for learning, beer and fun! What could be better than that?