Singles, Now Available

April 17th, 2016

We’ve heard you, and are now offering the option to purchase a single BeerBox®.

Homebrewers we’ve talked to at festivals, at Homebrew Con, and other places along the road have asked for a single, rather than the full Kit… it’s only available via our site – the manufacturer of the BeerBox® – but can be ordered today. The single includes everything you need to add the BeerBox® into your system and offer you the flexibility to keg, box or bottle your home brews, all depending on where you may be taking it.

  • Staying at home, hook up your keg. then you decide that’s the style you want to take with you to a party,… simply transfer it into your BeerBox® and you have the advantage of the portability of the BeerBox®.
  • Want to make a “real beer” and slowly and naturally carbonate a few gallons (2.5) of your larger batch… transfer from the fermenter into your BeerBox® and put the rest in bottles or your keg system. It’s a fun experiment to taste the two versions, side by side.
  • Live in a small house or apartment and only brew small batches? Then the 2.5 gallon BeerBox® is a perfect solution and takes up far less space in your closet or refrigerator as the same volume in bottles.

Questions? Always feel free to send us an email:

We love to hear from you and answer your questions… Cheers!