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***** — I’m giving the BeerBox five stars even though I had a box fail, and let me say why. I have had great results using the BeerBox system since receiving the kit in September. It is easy to transport the box to BBQs or parties and share homebrew with others, so that was a plus. Before I would take a case of bottles, which is a hassle. The box fits easily in the refrigerator, taking up less space than 24 bottles. The charger is easy to use and cartridges last longer for me than the instructions indicated, so another plus. The only issue I had was one of my boxes developed a very small crack while conditioning and beer had seeped out. I took a picture that same day and sent it to Brewing Tools and they replaced the box, no questions asked and no cost to me. I received my replacement box in less than a week. That’s the type of service and response that keeps a customer for life, so I have no problems with the company or their product. — Missy (Jan 2018)

Highly recommend this product. I love mine. And the fact that these guys stand by their product with a great warranty and good customer service. – Dwight (July 2017)

Your customer service is great. I really hope you are doing well with the business and the BeerBox®. Great concept. I was going to try the 2.5g kegs but cost plus the issues with keg management, I really want to stay with bottles and the small portable kegs… like your BeerBox®. These work great.  Easy to clean, no major parts like metal kegs. My air gauge mod insures I do not exceed max pressure and I can control the serve pressure to limit foam.  Each has been used at least 5 times. I have used the other small keg system… the thin PET plastic could not hold up to use.  I do recommend your BeerBox® product and your company. – Roger R. (April 2017)

I would like to thank you for your customer service and the package you sent me… As I said before your company has an excellent concept and I’m looking forward to doing business with you in the future. – Brian Z. (Aug 2016)

I recently took a Summer Ale and IPA in my BeerBoxes to the beach for our family vacation with some friends.  The BeerBox fit perfectly in my cooler with ice.  When our cups were empty we just pulled out the box, filled our cups, and had some totally awesome home brew right there with our feet in the sand.  It was so much better than buying the crappy canned beer at the store and having to settle.  — David (July 2016)

I bought your product at the 2015 AHA Conference in San Diego, CA this summer and I just want to let you know how much I love, love, love the Beer Box. It has held up well and does exactly as promised. In fact, I felt compelled to write a favorable review of the Beer Box product on my brewing blog, following the problem-free serving a series of ales, lagers and even a mead out of my Beer Boxes. Thanks for engineering such an simple and compact way to serve homebrew for those of us with limited space! — Michaelis H.

Just wanted to let you know I received everything today. Very nicely packaged– nice job. I support small businesses when I can and wish you the best. As a long time brewer, these are great for my batch size. Hopefully there will be repeat buyer discounts :<}  Happy Brewing, Wayne M.

“Loving my BeerBox®! It’s completely changed the way I serve my beer.”  — Alan D.

“I now have a portable kegerator that can fit in my cooler or beer fridge thanks to the BeerBox®.” — Austin H.

“You have created a beautiful solution” — Bill W.

 I didn’t think I’d be that impressed, but after seeing it in use I’m sold! Super cool!!! — Jack W.

 I didn’t think I’d love it this much. Used mine for beer (of course) and carbonated some of my hard cider! Also cut my bottling time down to practically nothing. — Jack D

These guys rock. I sent them an email saying I had an issue. Wham Bang, a new one comes by FedEx Ground in less than a week, no questions asked. They did send a label to return the BeerBox. AWESOME customer service! That, plus the fact that having a BeerBox® is the only way to have kegged beer in a regular refrigerator, without drilling holes through the door or removing all the shelves is a huge benefit. I highly recommend these guys to all home brewers without the room or desire to put in a full keg system!  — Peter V., CA


From a Midwest Supplies customer, Dr. C:

  • Once ready, I enjoyed beer from the tap for several weeks, topping off the CO2 from time to time. The beer ran clear right up to when I tipped the box to get the last of the batch.

Excerpts from Reviews from our NORTHERN BREWER customers.

Average 4 out of 5 Stars!

  • Great transition from bottling to kegging
    • Review by James…I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone like myself that hates bottling beer but is not ready to keg. I will probably move to kegs by next summer. The BeerBox will be my third keg or I will use it for small batches.
  • Great product
    • Review by Kevin…  Great product. Works as advertised. No problems with the beerbox
  • Pretty good so far
    • Review by Randall…I’d recommend this product to anyone who, like myself, is tired of bottling.

Reviews on AMAZON – 4 out of 5 stars!

  • Here’s one:  After one year, we’re on our sixth batch going into the BeerBoxes. Homebrew: Easy to use and store. Similar to bottles, you still add priming sugar, but a little less. 3oz for a 5 gallon batch instead of 4oz. The CO2 cartridges are strictly for dispensing. The boxes will swell with carbonation but do stand straight. Even if you accidentally use 4oz of sugar, it will carb just fine, but be very foamy. I have not had a batch turn sour or be infected in any way with this system. After the beer comes out it goes right back to its normal boxy shape. Easy to clean with Powdered Brewery Wash and your favorite sanitizer. The most difficult thing is making sure you do not fill up a box too full. Seeing how full a box is can be very difficult given the dark plastic. I marked my bottling bucket with 2.5 gallons and haven’t had a problem since. The second most difficult thing is making absolutely sure the white ring is positioned correctly and not folded or cracked. This can cause leakage. Using plumbers tape to assist the seal can help if necessary. These have been a very wonderful option where kegging is concerned. Bottling is tiring and only necessary when we want to store the bottles. Otherwise a box can go down in about 2 weeks. It has remained carbed at least that long in our fridge. The price of $199 has not changed since purchase, which was at least a year ago. Some may consider it excessive but for my purposes, it has proven a useful and reliable tool. I don’t have to mess around with measuring pressure or purchasing CO2 in anything other than cartridges. On Amazon the cartridges have proven quite cheap to obtain and it takes about 2 to dispense a whole box. I have replaced the white o rings once in the past year and they cost $1.20 for a set.

The whole story from one happy customer…

“I have been brewing for a little over a year, and noticed my brewing slowly tapering off. Why was it tapering off though I thoroughly enjoy the hobby, craft, and rewards of home brewing? Bottles, cleaning cases of bottles, storing cases of bottles, sanitizing cases of bottles, filling cases of bottles, storing cases of filled bottles, Bottles have stolen the fun and enjoyment out of brewing for me. So, I began researching ways of making it better… Just when I thought I was going to be stuck filling bottles, I stumbled onto a product. That product was the BeerBox®. I was very skeptical, especially when I saw the price. Eventually the inner beer nerd and his curiosity won out, and I bought the BeerBox®.

When I unboxed the shipment, I quickly noticed that not only was the box built for the stresses, and that a lot of time and thought went into it; for example incorporating the CO2 injector into the space of the container, so that nothing unnecessary stuck out. I was shocked at all the more time it took me to fill the beer box with my beer – 5 minutes, compared to the standard bottling method – no less than hour. I not so patiently waited for my beer to condition.

When I put it in the fridge there was swelling in the box, but the product lived up to the manufacturers’ claims that it could withstand the pressure (up to 15 PSI). A simple tire pressure gauge was all I needed to make sure I didn’t exceed that rating. Finally my wait was over; I was pouring my first beer out of the tap. I got beautiful draft quality pours every time. Before I knew it, the BeerBox® was empty. Cleaning it was a breeze. Rinsing the BeerBox® out with water & some shaking, removed all of the conditioning sediment, but I still filled it with a brewing cleaning solution anyway to play it safe. I am very happy with my experiences with the BeerBox® and already recommend it to fellow homebrewers who may be tired of bottles and are not afforded the luxury of going the keg route.” — Tom G.