No more bottles. No room for Kegs. Try the BeerBox™.

January 14th, 2014

Tired of bottles – washing, sanitizing, draining, filling and capping.  Frustrated when the capper breaks or a bottle height miss-match? So you think about trying kegs; but then you’ll need a new refrigerator or a kegerator plus a CO2 cylinder with gauges and space you don’t have. The BeerBox™ is perfect for you.  Priced for our Niched Product Comparison Sheet

The BeerBox™ is the most innovative option to all of these challenges of brewing more and sharing more.  Priced at only $199.90 The BeerBox™ is priced to fit our niche. it’s about halfway between he cost of the less expensive PET plastic options and the more expensive solution of metal keg systems.  And kegs are great until you want to share your brew … especially on a boat, for a tailgate party or other event where loading in a keg is next to impossible. And more, it fits in your regular refrigerator, how easy is that?