Homebrewers Hate Bottling!!!

August 4th, 2014

Choose the BeerBox: Homebrewers HATE Bottling.

Homebrewers Hate Bottling!!! Move to Kegs? Choose the BeerBox(TM)… and here’s why.

Homebrewers Hate Bottling!!!

But the move the kegs is fraught with decisions… financial impacts, space issues and the loss of portability! Storing 55 bottles takes a lot of space and even more, its the cost of your time to clean and sanitize them before bottling each batch. We’ve done it… and hated it. And couldn’t move to a kegerator and kegs due to the size of our south Florida house with no garage or basement.

So along comes the BeerBox™ to solve all our problems… it could be the answer you’ve been looking for.  Our customers tell us that it is only taking them under 30 minutes to wash, sanitize and fill their BeerBox™ – a major time saver!