Have BeerBox, will Travel

March 12th, 2019

So you normally store your beer in a keg, but it’s really kind of a pain when you want to bring beer in a container, larger than a bottle, to share at a party or picnic. With the BeerBox® it’s easy to transfer from your Keg to a BeerBox®.

How to Transfer from your Keg to the BeerBox®:

Do not pour directly from your keg tap into the BeerBox® as you will end up with more foam than beer. If you have a keg system; connect one end of the hose provided to the liquid out, ball lock connecter and connect the other end of the hose to the BeerBox® using the hose adapter and force the beer into the BeerBox® via its faucet. BE SURE TO RELEASE PRESSURE IN THE BeerBox® BY DEPRESSING THE SCHRADER VALVE WHILE FILLING. Fill and go… very easy!

For more tips and FAQs, visit our FAQ page.