Happy Independence Day!

July 4th, 2014

Celebrating our nation’s birthday with fun, fireworks and homebrew!  Are you serving yours in a BeerBox™?  It’s so easy and portable to share on a boat, at a picnic or simply out of your own refrigerator. We have a 24 hour promotion running to celebrate Independence Day in honor of the BeerBox™ since it is USA Made and it freed us from bottling and now we can take our homebrew anywhere!

But don’t just take our word for it…

You have created a beautiful solution to fill the gap for home brewers who are tired of cleaning bottles and don’t want to spend more time filling single bottles, yet don’t want to get into the expense of kegging their beer and keeping it cold in additional expensive refrigeration equipment.

When it came time to do the split batch on what I used to call “bottling day”, the BeerBox was filled in under 3 minutes. The other 24+ bottles came in close to 30 minutes (and I wasn’t sleeping either, it was late and I wanted to get it done!) 3 minutes vs 30 minutes is an amazing time saver! The next time I do this I’ll have a stop watch on it for real times. If I had a ½ inch tube set-up to do do the transfer from the priming bucket to the BeerBox it would be even faster!

 Imagine a case of bottles in my fridge? My wife would not appreciate that very much. But the single BeerBox was not an issue at all. The space it took up on a shelf was minimal. It is designed to work in the refrigerator space & environment perfectly.

 The quality of the materials is top-notch. Everything looks like it will last a good long time.” — Bill W, VT

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