Dominion Cup BOS, Sam Straight

September 4th, 2016

Congratulations to Dominion Cup Best of Show winner, Sam Straight! The Dominion Cup is held in Richmond, VA. Brewing Tools was proud to be a sponsor of this homebrew competition which celebrated its 23 year.

We asked Sam what his winning entry was and what he had brewing and like so many of us, he has a few thing going and a few in the pipeline!

“My Best of Show winner was a tart cherry mead, which also took first in the mead category at the Dominion Cup.  I also had a second place in the Belgian strong ale category with a Belgian dark strong.  I’m not sure what beer/mead will inaugurate the BeerBox®, but I do have a pale ale, a hefeweizen and a raspberry mead fermenting, so perhaps it will be one of them!”