Customer Feedback

April 17th, 2017

We love to hear stories from the home brewers who have chosen the BeerBox®. The stories vary, and yet it generally comes back to the same thing. Roger’s comments below echo a common refrain:

Your customer service is great. I really hope you are doing well with the business and the BeerBox®. Great concept. I was going to try the 2.5g kegs but cost plus the issues with keg management, I really want to stay with bottles and the small portable kegs… like your BeerBox®. These work great.  Easy to clean, no major parts like metal kegs. My air gauge mod insures I do not exceed max pressure and I can control the serve pressure to limit foam.  Each has been used at least 5 times. I have used the other small keg system… the thin PET plastic could not hold up to use.  I do recommend your BeerBox® product and your company. — Roger R. (April 2017)

We’ll be attending the 4th Homebrew Con in June and celebrate the beginning of the 4th year selling the BeerBox® nationwide. It’s been a steady pace, and we look forward to a successful future. The BeerBox® can be used to store your beer, cider or kombucha. Testing the pressure along the way really improves results. As with any product in the marketplace there have been a few warranty replacements. We don’t want an unhappy customer, so last year we extended the warranty for a full 24 months. So far we are still running about a 2% rate of replacement. Not too bad for a new, innovative product.

Email us with comments, questions or just to share the news of your latest homebrew! Did you win a contest, brew the best beer you’ve ever made, or just want to share a recipe. Let us know we’ll be happy to share it with your fellow BeerBox® lovers!


Ted & Nancy