Congrats, Great Northern Brew Ha Ha Best of Show Winner

March 1st, 2015

A shout out to new BeerBox® owner, Eric Armstrong, for winning Best of Show in the Great Northern Brew Ha Ha with his Bo Pils.

From Eric about his brew:

A couple of things that I think make this beer good.  1) Good quality malt, Castle Malting Chateau 2RS.  2) In spite of already having pretty soft water, I added 50% distilled water the the HLT to soften it even more.  3) The most important thing is the WLP838 yeast.  This yeast does an amazing job on this style and gives the beer a sweet pils aroma and flavor.  Fermentation temp at pitch was 48, free rise to 51 for two weeks then a diacetyl rest for 3 days at 55 to 57 then brought back down over 3 more days to 35ish.  Kegged and aged two months.

He is making some revisions to recipe with a goal to get a 50 for it in next years competition! Good luck and great brewing! And we look forward to Eric share with all of us pictures with his award winning beer in a BeerBox®.

Bo Pils from Eric Armstrong Winner Great Northern Brew Ha Ha