Clean Water = Great Beer

July 22nd, 2013

Everyone knows beer is 90-95% water.  So it should go without saying, that to make great beer, you must first start with great water!

Craft brewers from across the US are getting involved to make sure they have access to great water to make the beers we know and love.  It’s no big surprise that so many great beers start in Colorado with Rocky Mountain fed waters. Check out this GreenBiz article to learn more.

For homebrewers, water is no less important.  Start with a check of your local water quality report with the County or City you live in.  Test your PH levels and adjust your water as needed to be closer to the water characteristics of the water where your beer style originates.  Many homebrew forums address water and water testing, so Google it to learn more.  We purchased PH test strips from our local homebrew shop yesterday and will now begin testing our water and our next mash.  So stay tuned…