About the BeerBox®

Are you tired of bottling? Hate the process… wash, rinse, sanitize, fill, store…

Well, the BeerBox® is a new product innovated by Ted Astolfi to solve his problems with bottling. In fact, he hated it so much that he quit homebrewing for many years while the idea for a new solution – that wasn’t a keg – swirled around in his mind. Finally the dream was realized after several years of working with people who could draw the product and then meetings with the companies that would manufacture the individual parts. A key part of the story is Ted’s background working in economic development and with small manufacturers which created a strong desire to make all the parts of the BeerBox® in the U.S.A. with a food-grade plastic and metals. After all, if you are going to spend the time to brew a batch of beer, you want it to be in a vessel that can be trusted.

So the first BeerBox® came off the assembly line and arrived ready to ship in 2014 and we launched nationally at the National Homebrewer’s Conference in June 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We stand behind our product and know that with a first run through the molds, a warranty and good customer service is a vital to our long term success. Our customers have raved about our service and our willingness to stand by the warranty as the need arises.

So try the BeerBox®! Buy it from us. Buy it from one of our retailers. But consider it as an alternative to bottling or if you already made the upgrade an invested in a kegging system, think of it as a way to bring back the portability you are missing with a keg!  After all, we know you want to share your home brewed beer with your beer-loving friends and family, even if you aren’t at home!