About Brewing Tools


Homebrewers love brewing.  Homebrewers hate bottling.

That’s my story and my passion. I stopped home brewing with a promise to myself: find a solution to bottling, without the expense or space consuming nature of kegging.  So I invented the BeerBox® with the support from my friends and family. And best of all, I am now brewing beer again and on a regular basis!

It is an innovative solution to everything that homebrewers hate about bottling and kegging.

Store and share your brews in a BeerBox®. Conceived with portability and the average home refrigerator in mind. Designed to fit in a home refrigerator or a cooler.  Kits available on line at brewingtools.com and at your local homebrew shop. The BeerBox® and its components are made in the USA by Brewing Tools.

Send us your tips, so we can keep updating the FAQ page with the tips you’ve found along the way using the BeerBox®. We pride ourselves for excellent customer service and responsiveness, so if you want to reach out about using your BeerBox®, simply send us an email and we’ll be happy to start a dialogue.


Ted Astolfi, Chief Brewing Officer


ABOUT BREWING TOOLS: Brewing Tools, LLC is a small business located in Jensen Beach, Florida. The BeerBox® is our sole product and is available via this website and a variety of homebrew supply stores across the USA. We launched the national sales of the BeerBox® in June 2014 at the National Homebrewer’s Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We believe in supporting the homebrewers and the homebrew industry through our support of homebrew competitions and by retailing our product in homebrew supply stores.